Thursday, 26 April 2012

Download Free 2Tasty Too l'amour à Paris!

 Release: 2012
 Genre: Hidden Object/Time Management | Producer: Maximize Games
Developer: Big Fish Games | Language: English | PC Game
Size: 272 MB
2Tasty game has got a long-awaited sequel! Meet Libby again with new recipes and addicting love adventures.
2 Tasty too is a new innovation of blended hidden-dash game, with lots of features and interesting mini games, also  with a spoonful well done romantic story between Cole and Libby in the most romantic city in the world !
Would you like to visit France together with Libby? be sure to witness the sequel romantic story of Libby in 2 Tasty too – l'amour à Paris !

    • Beautiful Graphics.
    • Interesting Gameplay
    • Fantastic minigames.
    • Prepare 50 dishes following real recipes and 5 hidden menus.
    • Well done romantic story.

    Download 2Tasty Too l'amour à Paris !